CLP compliant

Classification, Labelling & Packaging (CLP)

If you are selling home fragrance, you must comply with EU legislations and have CLP compliant labelling...
The CLP Regulation ("Classification, Labelling and Packaging") is a European Union legislation that standardises the warnings that have to be on products which contain chemical substances (essential and fragrance oils). It was decided that candles fall within the CLP Regulations and it became law in June 2015.

It is a suppliers duty to provide CLP labelling for scented candles which provides all the necessary information to comply with EU regulations. SDS (safety data sheet) must also be kept on file for the products that they sell.

All 'by HeatherMay' home fragrance lines are CLP compliant and have been since June 2015.
Please help support businesses that have implemented this label legislation.

What should be included on a CLP label...

  • Warning information & relevant pictograms
  • Contents/Ingredients
  • Weight of candle
  • Fragrance name/Identifier
  • Candle maker/supplier name, telephone &¬†postcode

In addition to CLP, burning instructions are also required.