Scented Pines Cones | Natural Firelighters

Introducing our scented natural pine cone firelighters.

Our Earth Friendly firelighters are so beautiful you won't want to burn them! Natural pine cones hand dipped in 100% Soy Wax and scented with the finest fragrance and essential oil blends.

Designed for use in open fires, log burners, multi fuel stoves, chimineas, camp fires and fire-pits. Simply nestle your pine cone amongst the kindling (no paper required) and light the wick. For log burners leave the door open to help release the aroma into your room (dependant on stoves manufacturers instructions). When the kindling is alight continue to make your fire in the usual way and remember to close the door.

These beautiful waxed cones bring a touch of nature to your home and fill your room with a wonderful fragrance. They look great on display, pop them in a basket on your hearth or why not hang them on your Christmas tree!

Our luxury eco friendly gift boxes each contain 6 scented pine cones hand crafted from our studio and gift shop in Derbyshire.

WARNING! These are NOT candles. Only to be ignited in a fire. Never leave
fire unattended. Keep away from children and pets.