Handcrafted Natural Soap

BAR SOAP WITH A CONSCIENCE | 100% Natural | Palm Oil Free

£7 per bar or 3 for £18 on all soaps using the code: SOAP3FOR18

BODY AND FACE SOAPS: Suitable for the body and face, why not try one of our invigorating exfoliating bars to buff away dead skin and leave behind a wonderful smooth and glowing complexion.

SPECIALITY SOAPS: We also cater for the pampered pooch of the family or an avid gardener with our specialist soap range.

EXFOLIATING SOAPS: These soaps contain exfoliants such as poppy seeds, oats, pumice or green tea. They are slightly scrubby in texture and this helps to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and boosting circulation.

MASCULINE SOAPS: These soaps are designed to be more unisex or masculine in fragrance. They make a lovely gift for the man in your life.

SKIN LOVING INGREDIENTS... Each Handcrafted Artisan Soap Bar is created with love using only 100% natural ingredients. Each bar is unique and made in small quality controlled batches to ensure that its perfect. Skin nourishing oils such as Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil are used which working together with other oils create a creamy moisturising conditioning bar of soap that is long lasting.

PALM OIL FREE... All soap bars are 100% natural and palm oil free so we are choosing to support deforestation not contribute to it.