Aromatherapy Machines | Diffusers | Electric Oil Burners


Aromatherapy Diffusers are timeless and elegant, providing an aromatic experience in an earth friendly and soothing way. A flame-less and smoke-free way to fill your room with mood enhancing fragrances. Can also be used as a humidifier.
Simply add water and your favourite essential oil blends for an instant aromatic experience. Each diffuser features a colour changing mood light which can be turned off, set to your favourite colour or interchanging.

How do they work? The Aroma Diffusers use an ultrasonic motor to pump out the water so it’s very quiet during use. The water is converted from liquid into water vapour using ultrasonic vibrations. These ultrasonic vibrations are actually produced by a vibrating disc that produces sound waves at an ultrasonic frequency which we can’t actually hear.